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Others' Fan Fiction

by:  Jill Dannay ( /

The "Closed Doors" series

Closed Doors  Stuck in the Infirmary overnight, Jadzia Dax and Julian Bashir must overcome some fears and make a few confessions... with the help of the Q family.

Locking Doors  Sequel to "Closed Doors."  Jadzia's confrontation with Worf, and Sisko, and Kira...

A New Key  Sequel to "Locking Doors."  An attack, a proposal, and a wedding...

The Downfall of (the Dishonorable Klingon) Worf   This takes place after "A New Key."  Caution:  Character Death, nothing drastic.  Includes TNG ship and crew.

Unrelated Stories

God of Strength  An attack on the Defiant means Worf's death and the end of Julian and Jadzia's friendship.  What will it take to get Julian and Jadzia to start again?

My Heart Will Go On  Song Story.  When Julian goes MIA, will Jadzia give up on him when the search parties are called off?

At The Beginning  Song Story.  Jadzia comes to her senses, and Worf doesn't like it much.

Parody  A short parody I wrote based on a challenge... Caution:  Character death, nothing drastic.

Untitled  Jadzia and an injured Julian are trapped on the surface of a planet... alone.