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Kathleen Kalu's Fan Fiction
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Jadzia's Fault :  A quick parody I wrote one day when I was furiously angry at Jadzia.

Only You :  A story right after 'Starship Down' where Jadzia thinks about her and Julian's relationship.  A little Odo/Kira romance here too!!

Invisible Man :  A sad, sweet filk taking place after Worf and Jadzia get married.  Pull out the tissues!!

A Journey to the Heart :  A filk containing several J&J quotes.  Some are actual quotes, others are ones made on my own account.

Annabel Lee / Jadzia Dax :  A new twist on Poe's poem...

50 Reasons Why Julian is a Hell of a Lot Better for Jadzia than Worf :  The title says it all.

Sweet Goodbyes :  The senior staff says goodbye to a valued friend.

Slumber :  A short scene of J/Js life in the future that should have been.

Bring Me Home!