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Sweet Goodbyes
by: Kathleen Kalu

Disclaimer: Paramound Pictures owns all. I promise that I'm just borrowing. Spoilers for season 6 end.

I knew her for a long time. Her and him, actually. He was my mentor, she was my friend. No one deserves to die. Especially her. She graced us for a while, enlightening our lives and blessing our existences. She meant a lot to each of us. Wherever you are, rest in peace, my friend. We will miss you.
-Captain Benjamin Sisko

She was my best friend. We giggled, we laughed, we gossiped. If there was anyone who could teach you to have a good time, it was her. What will we do without her now? How will we function? But we will. We will rise. If there's anything she taught us, it was not to give up when things got bad. Keep going. I mourn. Not only for her. But for us. We have lost a great teacher. May the Prophets bless your path.
-Colonel Kira Nerys

She was my wife. I loved her. Her love for her friends was so evident the way she always talked about them. And I was a jealous fool. Why did I waste my tiem arguing with her when we could have spent our time being happy together? I have made many mistakes. I hope you find your way to Sto'vo'kor, my wife. Farewell.
-Lieutenant Commander Worf

If one could break it, she could fix it. If you were down, she would cheer you up. When you needed help, she was there. She never refused you anything. And I will always remember that about her. She was a friend and a helper. God bless her soul.
-Chief Miles O'Brien

Yes, I remember her. She always loved to play pranks on me, moving my furniture around, finding any way she could scheme to get me and Kira together. But she did it out of the kindness of her heart. She never meant to hurt anyone. She had such a pure soul, something you rarely ever see. But we must go on.
-Constable Odo

We all knew her. She was the one with the dark, wavy hair and the striking azure eyes. The one with the twinkling laughter and dazzling smile. With just a twitch of her lips, she could brighten your whole day. The stunning science officer who refused to give up. Yes, we all knew her. In a way she's left us, yet in a way she hasn't. I can still see you sometimes, Jadzia. As I walk along the Promenade and I see Quark playing Tongo. But you're not there. Where are you, lovely angel? You seem to exist only in our memories, our minds, our hearts. I can still hear your voice, see your smile, feel your touch. It's as if you've left us, but yet you haven't. She blessed us for a brief while, leaving us all too soon. I love you, Jadzia. And I miss you. We'll never forget you. And if there was one last thing we could tell you, it would be "Sweet goodbye, our beautiful friend, wherever you may go, watch over us, as we watch over you."
-Doctor Julian Bashir

The End

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