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by:  Kathleen Kalu

Summary:  A sweet nighttime story.
Disclaimer:  Paramount owns all, I'm just borrowing, I DiScLaIm!

Dr. Julian Bashir smiled fondly at his sleeping daughter. She was an angel, dark, curly hair, and brilliant turquoise eyes. He touched her cheek gently, not wanting to disturb her slumber.

"Julian?" A soft whisper asked.

He turned around and his heart swelled with love. His wife, his love, Jadzia Dax was standing in the door way of their daughter's room, her eyes soft with affection.  "Careful," she murmured, "you might wake her."

He shook his head. "She sleeps like a rock."

Jadzia laughed quietly and stepped into the room. "You've been doing this for the last two weeks, how are you sleeping?"

Julian shrugged, "I can't seem to get away from her."

"That's because she's your daughter and you're only fiercely possessive. I know how fathers are," his wife taunted knowingly.

The doctor caressed the girl's cheek once more before joining his wife at the door. "She's beautiful," he said, almost reverently. He touched his Jadzia's cheek. "Just like her mother."

She closed her eyes and breathed. How much happier could she be? When she opened her eyes againk, Julian was gazing deeply at her.  "I love you, Jadzia." He said firmly, kissing her lovingly.

She snuggled closer to him. "I love you, too. But off to bed. If we stay here to long, Lena might wake up."

He pulled her tight and they walked out together, arm in arm.

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