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Jadzia's Fault
by:  Kathleen Kalu

This was written when I was really mad at Jadzia Dax.
Disclaimer:  Paramount owns all.  No copyright infringement intended.  I'm just borrowing the characters and premise.  I'll return them (relatively) unharmed.

Jadzia Dax watched emotionlessly as her husband was killed by a hoard of Jem'Hadar.  She walked away and joined the rest of the away team as they flew out quickly.

"Are you alright, Old Man?" Benjamin put a hand on his second officer's shoulder.

Dax smiled hugely. "Better then I've ever been, Ben!  Thanks for hiring that bunch of Jem'Hadar to kill Worf!  It's about f**king time I got him off my back!"

The Captain beamed.  "No problem, Dax.  I hated that ugly Klingon anyway."

Jadzia then turned to enter Sickbay, where she saw Julian. The doctor had his back to her and she surprised him by barging in.

"Marry me."

Bashir's head snapped up.  "What the hell?"

"I had it all planned out.Thanks to Benjamin, I got Worf killed.  Now we can get married!" Dax said neatly, quite proud of herself.

The doctor sneered at her. "Too late,bi*ch!  I'm marrying Leeta."

The Trill's jaw dropped.  "What?  But she's married to Rom."

Julian shook his head.  "Nope,he ran off with his son to Risa.  Now Leeta's all mine.  Too bad for you, Jadzia.  I really did love you."

Jadzia fell to her knees in tears.  "No!  But Julian, I love you!"

"Too bad," he muttered,  kicking her aside. "You're not the only fish in the ocean."

At that moment, Leeta walked in. "Hello darling!" Julian greeted her, then embraced her in a passionate kiss.

Leeta and Julian eventually married and had 10 kids. Jadzia ended up living the rest of her life a lonely spinster.

The End!

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