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50 Reasons Why Julian Is a Hell Of a Lot Better For Jadzia Than Worf

By:  Kathleen Kalu

  1. Julian just looks better!
  2. Looking at Worf has been proven to be hazardous to your health.
  3. Dark hair, British accent, perfect figure, or gnappy hair, slurred speech, and hulky body.  You decide.
  4. Who would you rather be lost in the woods with?  A handsome, passionate, intelligent, first class Starfleet Medical doctor, or an idiotic, ugly, unromantic, unhonorable Klingon?
  5. Mrs. Jadzia Bashir - like a ripple in the water
  6. Mrs. Jadzia Worf - like the thrashing of a hammer on a Cardassian junkpile.
  7. Jadzia and Julian's daughter - dark haired, blue eyed,and an adorable little darling!
  8. Jadzia and Worf's daughter - brown, gnappy haired, unknown eye color, Klingon forehead grates, and the Trill spots.  What a sorry kid.
  9. Julian doesn't give a damn about honor.  He just wants to save people's lives.
  10. Worf thinks everything is about honor.  He'd probably let Jadzia die if it were the honorable way out.
  11. One pretends to be a handsome, British spy who saves damsels in distress in the holosuites.
  12. The other would rather chop off holographic Klingon heads.
  13. Worf accused Jadzia of wearing an outfit just to distract him.  Julian would have complimented her on her nice body.
  14. Julian and Jadzia look nice together.
  15. Whereas, Jadzia and Worf look sickening together.
  16. Don't Julian and Jadzia's blue uniforms just look cute together?
  17. Worf is just plain ugly.
  18. Julian has put his life on the line countless times to save his favorite Trill.
  19. Worf would probably run for cover if his life were on the line.
  20. Julian's best friend - a friendly mechanic with a lovely wife and two gosh-darned cute kids.
  21. Worf's best friend - his bat'leth.
  22. Wasn't it Worf who was the one who made Kirayoshi run into a table?
  23. Wasn't it Julian who healed Kirayoshi's boo-boo and put him to bed?
  24. Julian has a variety of hobbies and interests.
  25. Worf doesn't.
  26. Julian can be humorous and charming at the same time.
  27. Worf is humorous to look at.
  28. Human and Trill = happy
  29. Trill and Klingon = disgustingly unhappy
  30. Sex with Worf is just rough and bone breaking.
  31. Sex with Julian is probably passionate and tender.
  32. Seeing Worf in a swimsuit is just plain terrifying.
  33. Seeing Julian in a swimsuit is every woman's ultimate dream.
  34. Julian's favorite drink is Tarkalian Tea.
  35. Worf's favorite drink is prune juice.
  36. In the alternate universe, Julian and Jadzia are partners in rebellion.
  37. In the alternate universe, Worf and Jadzia are total enemies. Yay!
  38. Julian is a pleasure to look at.
  39. Worf isn't.
  40. Dr.Julian Subatoi Bashir, M.D.  Doesn't that sound nice?
  41. Lieutenant Commander Worf.  Yuck.
  42. Julian looks good in a suit.  Worf looks horrible in a suit.
  43. Julian heals.  Worf hurts.
  44. Julian and Jadzia's children would be happy and grow up smart and intelligent.
  45. Jadzia and Worf's children would be grumpy and grow up ugly and stupid.
  46. Jadzia trusts Julian more than she trusts Worf.
  47. Julian has good taste. He went out with Leeta.
  48. Worf has bad taste.  He tried to marry K'Ehleyr but didn't then had a son with her.  His son doesn't even live with him.  What kind of father is that?
  49. Julian did all he could in his power to save Jadzia when Gul Dukat hurt her.  Worf did nothing but stand around and set a shipyard on fire.
  50. No matter what,Julian loved Jadzia.  All Worf and Jadzia ever did was argue.

Worf is a f***ing bastard and can just kiss my a**!!!!!

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